The Transaction Finance Working Group

Retail Finance


Assessment of International Transaction Banks interaction with regional/domestic transaction banks

The result identifies the frequency in which an international bank partners a regional/ domestic FI for any type of transaction banking services. These international banks were voted for their ability to provide not only competitive pricing but also for responsiveness and quality of services that help improve the regional/domestic banks’ transaction business.

Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank tied for the top spot for the category of most internationally integrated bank with domestic/ regional banks. Relative to last year’s assessment, Wells Fargo and Citibank toppled BNY Mellon and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi.

With a strong current footprint covering 15 key markets in Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank has enhanced its existing operations model, which is a combination of local and near-/offshore units aimed at ensuring the closest possible proximity to our clients and partner banks. With more than 80 per cent of its income and profits are derived from Asia, Africa and the Middle East (the larges emerging markets segment), Standard Chartered Bank’s Commercial Banking serves over 40,000 local corporations and medium-sized enterprises in 26 emerging markets. Largely financing flows between ASEAN and China, SCB has strengthened its core DNA in providing global transaction services.