The Transaction Finance Working Group

Transaction Finance

2018 2017

Assessment of International Transaction Banks interaction with regional/domestic transaction banks

The result identifies the frequency in which an international bank partners a regional/ domestic FI for any type of transaction banking services. These international banks were voted for their ability to provide not only competitive pricing but also for responsiveness and quality of services that help improve the regional/domestic banks’ transaction business.


All our scorecards are based on the belief statement that encapsulates all the dimensions required to run this programme well. This belief statement is then broken down into components and then set out by identifying quantifiable data that we can use as proxy to evaluate your institution's achievements.

The questions that we ask in the subsequent pages related to the completion of the scorecard will also give us a good overview of your retail finance business at the micro-level in your country, at the market level between your competitors and at the street level inside your organisations.

"The Excellence Scorecard is used to evaluate financial institutions for both country and regional basis for the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Programme. It is the backbone of the evaluation process and was developed with an eye on one of the key objectives of the programme, which is to create an instrument that is accepted by the player in the retail financial services industry as a viable, objective and representative measure of an institution's performance across multiple areas."

In our assessment of best retail, the following are the factors that we look at and the percentage we give to each of them.

Definition: Please exclude the SME banking and the private banking business in the key performance indicators

Note: Please refer to the subsequent sections (excel tabs) for the questions we are asking to help us in quantifying each of the areas covered.
Dimension Weight Indicator
Consistent Financial Performance: We want to see sustainable growth, profitability but not at the expense of good management of costs 15%
  • Growth in gross retail revenue (CAGR 3 years)
  • ROE in last three years
  • CIR (%)
  • CIR in last three years
  • Corporate Strategy:

    We want to see the ability to articulate a strategy to which we are able to connect the quantifiable performance figures to a long term and achievable story 15%
  • Business overview
  • Key drivers of growth
  • Reason why you deserve to win
  • Digital Journey

    We will assess where your institution is in the digital journey 15%
  • % of base is digitally active
  • # of ecosystems built
  • % digitally on-boarded
  • Brand We want to assess the brand promise that your institution enjoys in your marketplace. 10%
  • Size of retail deposits ($)
  • Growth in retail deposits (CAGR 3 years)
  • Sales Capability We want to see how large, powerful and organised your sales capability is 10%
  • Digital sales (%)
  • Fee/ total retail income
  • Retail operating profit/FTE
  • Customer Experience

    We want to know if your customers love you more than your competitor through their experiences of basic services 10%
  • Net promoter score
  • Apple and Android score of mobile app
  • Process and Technology We want to know that your technology infrastructure is keeping up with the times by your ability to respond to competition quickly 10%
  • Accountability of digital into group finance
  • # and average age of retail host systems
  • % of open systems are in cloud
  • Risk Management The ability to take on risks and price them in a managed manner. 5%
  • NPL
  • Incidences of operational risk
  • People and Organisation We want to know if you have a mixture of incumbent and new blood in the organisation and the ability to mobilise your employees to support a programme 5%
  • Number of new staff as a % of total
  • Digital employee profile
  • Achievement in Year under Review State to us the achievements in your retail business in the year under review that has not been captured in the static data above 5%
  • Uniqueness of initiative
  • # of new initiatives launched
  • Source: The Asian Banker